About The Book

The No-Cash Allowance by Lynne Finch is a hands-on money management system for parents to facilitate in the home. The strategy can be applied in homeschooling or as a companion to classroom financial literacy. This approach shapes behavior through positive reinforcement by empowering children to make real decisions.

Children from pre-school through high school learn how to manage money as a number. Activities introduce concepts of debit cards, ATMs, electronic transfers and credit transactions using their own money.

Examples of dialogue between parent and child create a picture of real life situations. Charts, tables and illustrations show how to set-up the allowance system. As a result, children are responsible for tracking all their money in their own accounts.

A no-cash allowance places continuing control of cash and non-cash money in the hands of the child. Consequently this creates a child-size version of real-life money management.


About The Author

Lynne Finch is a parent writing for parents. As a mother she created The No-Cash Allowance to teach her own kids how to manage money as a number. As an award-winning author she blogs and speaks about kids and money. She is also co-founder of Finch & Coonen, a local collaboration to prepare the next generation.

Her keen insight into the world of children resulted in several award-winning stories for children. She has received numerous awards for non-fiction as well as adult fiction. Her published writing includes how-to, humor, and opinion pieces.

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