About The Book

The No-Cash Allowance by Lynne Finch is an inventive, original system.  Children from pre-school through high school learn how to manage money as a number. Activities replicate use  of debit cards, ATMs, electronic transfers and credit transactions using their own money.

Examples of dialogue between parent and child create a picture of real life situations. Charts, tables and illustrations show how to set-up the allowance system. As a result, children track all their money in their own accounts.

A no-cash allowance places continuing control of cash and non-cash money in the hands of the child. Consequently this creates a child-size version of real-life money management.

About The Author

Lynne Finch is the author of The No-Cash Allowance. She writes, blogs, and speaks about kids and money. In addition to TV and radio appearances, Finch presents at the Fox Cities Money Conference, Money Week. She was financial lead for the P20 money conference in San Diego.

Her keen insight into the world of children resulted in several award-winning stories for children. She has received numerous awards for non-fiction as well as adult fiction. Her published writing includes how-to, humor, and opinion pieces.

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P.O. Box 25  New London, WI 54961