6 Reasons to Give Kids This Money Experience

A mom helps daughter add allowance to account, giving her money experience tracking her money in her account.

A girl is gaining money experience tracking her allowance.

Why buy The No-Cash Allowance?
Give your kids the money experience they can only learn through hands-on  practice in your home.


Gives kids money experience

Requires paper and pencil to start. Older kids can use a computer spreadsheet.

Puts responsibility in hands of kids

Kids record every financial transaction in and out as a number, always aware of the bottom line.

Give experience with cash and cashless transactions

Kids withdraw cash (parent acting as an ATM), or parents pay for purchases and kid subtracts (like a debit card).

Creates a paper trail

Eliminates confusion over money transactions.

Doesn’t break down or get forgotten

Kids own the accounts and gain experience tracking their money. The printed accounts encourage discussion and evaluation.

Shows how to manage money as a number

This is similar to the way parents manage money today and is most definitely the way your kids will manage money as an adult.

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