The No-Cash Allowance Book: A Parent’s Guide

The No-Cash Allowance book

The No-Cash Allowance Book is a guideline for parents

Parents: The No-Cash Allowance book is the guideline you need.

Want to teach your kids to manage money?

Trouble having the right amount of money to pay your kids?

The answers you need  are in The No-Cash Allowance book.

Works for pre-school through high school kids.

Start with a pencil and paper. You transfer money to your kid as a number.

Kids track every transaction in and out of their account.

Parents are the bankers. So simple and so powerful.

 Give your kids money, control over decisions and most importantly, give them some expenses of their own.

Make they responsible so you don’t have to keep track of their money.

The No-Cash Allowance book makes allowances a learning experience

Buy as print or ebook.

Follow the simple guidelines in the book on how to set up and use a no-cash allowance.

Download free allowance logs

Get blog updates with more about kids and money.

Give your kids the most important hands-on financial education they can get anywhere!