Give your children money with responsibility and the control to manage it all by themselves.

Hands-on financial education at home

Provide the Financial Education Your Kids Need

Help them develop the essential life-skill of money management

As a mom, I set out to teach my kids about money. What they learned reached far beyond dollars and cents. My children gained important life skills like confidence, decision-making and responsibility. Now my grandchildren are growing up with the same money experience.
To help parents like you, I wrote a book to guide you in teaching your kids to manage money as a number. You can adapt the strategy in my book, The No-Cash Allowance to:
  • Create a plan for your kids and works with your family values
  • Use allowances in a homeschooling setting to complement financial literacy classes
  • Provide continuing hands-on experience from pre-school through high school
The No-Cash Allowance is a reliable, repeatable, and realistic method for kids to learn money management skills. Think of this as an in-home training program. You don’t need to be a financial expert to use the information in the book. You and your kids will learn together over the years.
Kids want money because they know what it does even before they know how it works. The No-Cash Allowances gives kids what they want.
  • Power to control their own money. Give your kids debit card experience
  • Ability to manage age-appropriate expenses
  • Independence in making decision and accepting the results
You take on a new role as facilitator for money matters with your kids by:
  • Transferring money control to your kids so they assume responsibility for managing their money
  • Requiring young kids to track every transaction in the no-cash allowance account, creating a money trail
  • Initiating money conversations because money is now a neutral topic
  • Helping them establish accounts in financial institutions as they get older
You are the best person to teach your kids about money. When you trust your kids to manage their money they will amaze you by showing how capable they are. This approach shapes behavior through positive reinforcement by empowering children to make real decisions. Your kids will grow up to be responsible personal money managers as adults.


Defining the roles of parent and child in The No-Cash Allowance

Defining the roles of parent and child in The No-Cash Allowance

When using the no-cash allowance, the roles of parent and child create a consistent structure for success. Parents are bankers or facilitators, while the kids are the account owners. Income and expenses are tailored for each child by age and interests. The home account consolidates money in and out in and boils it all down to a single number.

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Be sure to have these money conversations before starting your kids’ allowance

Be sure to have these money conversations before starting your kids’ allowance

Before starting allowances in your home for your kids, take time for money conversations with your parenting partner. Knowing more about each other’s money history will help you agree on how you will facilitate your allowance system together. Your ultimate goal is to prepare your kids to grow up to be independent financially as adults so you won’t feel pressured to support them after they leave home. 

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