About the Book

The No-Cash Allowance by Lynne Finch is a hands-on money management system for parents to facilitate in the home. The strategy can be applied in homeschooling or as a companion to classroom financial literacy. This approach shapes behavior through positive reinforcement by empowering children to make real decisions.

Children from pre-school through high school learn how to manage money as a number. Activities introduce concepts of debit cards, ATMs, electronic transfers and credit transactions using their own money.

Examples of dialogue between parent and child create a picture of real life situations. Charts, tables and illustrations show how to set-up the allowance system. As a result, children are responsible for tracking all their money in their own accounts.

A no-cash allowance places continuing control of cash and non-cash money in the hands of the child. Consequently this creates a child-size version of real-life money management.

About the Author

Lynne Finch is a parent writing for parents who want to give their kids a financial education at home. As a mother, she created The No-Cash Allowance as a guidebook to teach kids how to manage money. She has been writing and talking about the topic for over 40 years and is considered an allowance expert.
Money management is a skill that every generation needs. From her own experience, she discovered allowances are more about parenting than money. She saw her children grow in independence and responsibility through hands-on experience. Now her grandchildren are learning the same skills through their no-cash allowance.
Even though the form of money changes over time, the basics remain the same. Money is a number. Managing money is a skill, a life skill that every child needs. Only parents can provide the tools kids need to learn this essential skill: money, control of the money, and responsibility for their decisions.
To further her message, she is co-founder of Finch & Coonen, a collaboration to prepare the next generation. Along with Lori Coonen, a Heritage Design Professional™ trained and certified by The Heritage Institute and co-author of Unprepared: Heirs at Risk, Finch & Coonen creates awareness and facilitates family discussions to create a legacy of values and empowerment.
Creating a strong family begins with teaching kids to manage money in the learning years and continues through the earning years on to wealth transfer and inheritance. Parents of all ages are amazed to tell them the same thing,  “I never knew my kids were so capable.”

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When I try to tell people about the no-cash allowance and what this book is all about I relate it to experiential education. Instead of learning from a textbook, I spent my childhood experiencing the ups and downs of managing money for myself. I learned more from what I did than anything I might have been told. – Abby, started no-cash allowance at age 3

When I was young, I thought every kid had a home account and job cards. It wasn’t until junior high that I realized my family was different when it came to money management. And it wasn’t until later that I understood how the no-cash allowance prepared me to be good money manager; as a kid, I just thought it was fun. – Sarah, started no-cash allowance at age 5


The No-Cash Allowance is the winner of the prestigious Mom’s Choice Award™ in the parenting category. The Mom’s Choice Awards honors excellence in family-friendly media, products and service.

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