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Thank you for your interest in helping kids learn to manage money before they become adults. As a self-published author I appreciate it when you buy The No-Cash Allowance through my website using PAYPAL. You will receive these special extras with your autographed book:

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I’m loving your book. Thank you so much for the life lesson. – Polly, mother of a 13-year-old

When I discussed it with my now twenty-something daughter, she said, “I sure wish you had used that system when we were growing up!” – reference book critic

I rarely use cash myself and the girls see me use the (automated teller) machine, checks and credit cards, As a financial advisor I see many adults who struggle with cash, have huge credit card balances and rarely balance their checkbooks. I felt that if I could help (the girls) to understand how credit works, they would be way ahead of the game. – Karen, president of investment group

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