The No Cash Allowance

Why do you think allowances are so tricky for parents? “We think kids need money, but we don’t want them to make mistakes.” Lynne visits Morning Blend and talks allowances while giving a basic overview of The No-Cash Allowance book.

Kids Managing Money

“Spending is not the same as managing money.” Lynne discusses how much money you should let your kids handle and why it’s important to trust them to make the right decisions.

Parenting 2.0 Conference

“As parents the most challenging part is giving up control.” Lynne discusses how she helped her kids develop good money habits. She created and tested The No-Cash Allowance system with her own family; a process she defines in her book.


How Do You Teach Your Children About Money?

by Money Sense Radio Show

Follow these links for more about kids, allowances, and the importance of learning to manage money as a number.

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